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Replace the "I" with "WE" and even ILLNESS becomes WELLNESS!

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"Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends."-Aberjhani

Rainbow House by Debi Lundquist


(Click here for a description of some of the services listed below)

•   Homeopathy
•   Holistic Health Coaching
•   Inner Vision Journey
•   Massage Therapy
•   Quantum Healing
•   QHHT-Dolores Cannon Method

•   Regression Hypnotherapy
•   Spiritual Counseling
•   Transformational Healing
•   Intuitive Touch
•   Reiki
•   Wellness Evaluations
•   Nutritional Consulting
•   Classes, Workshops, Talks
•   Building Community


As sensitivity grows in the various areas of our life, the real person emerges. This person (our real self) is more connected to a greater Whole that guides our life. With the deeper connection to all life, to all kingdoms, eventually greater compassion and joy emerges. This is true healing. This is a process. There is no beginning and no end to this process but like anything, the sooner we engage ourselves in walking down the path to continually greater awareness, the sooner we will be healed.


Healing the whole self requires paying attention to what is happening in the physical body, the emotions, the mind and the spirit. A Holistic approach to healing begins with and requires an intention to look more deeply into what motivates, what drives, what limits and what expands the personal self. When these inquiries are made, a more refined sensitivity to life transpires. The world begins to look different both inside and out. Priorities change, perspective shift, and changes begin to happen spontaneously and sometimes subtly.

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All the modalities of Healing Arts practiced at Wellness Evergreen work toward this end: working with each of the aspects of our mind, body and Spirit to empower our real self to heal and emerge on multiple levels. This involves being more conscious; improving the food and beverages we put into our body, remembering to exercise, releasing what we store in our muscles and tissues, releasing trauma from our mind and body, paying attention to how we engage with others in the world, listening to our self-talk, noticing how we stay busy in order to avoid knowing ourselves, and allowing our spirit to guide us forward. Practicing becoming more aware of all aspects of the self can be much more powerful when working with one or more of our professional healing arts practitioners.

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